Fair Trade (english)

tem pimenta works with a fashion house in India certified by WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) and thus ensures high standards of production. WFTO is an independent organisation and regularly checks and monitors certified companies to make sure that its fair trade principles are respected.

The central values of fair trade philosophy are sustainable development, better distribution of riches as well as respect for human rights and the environment.

Buying fair trade products allows you to support small companies in developing countries while participating in a system that guarantees fair production conditions. While policies of assistance provide short-term help, independent economical development allows local populations to break the vicious circle of poverty and to gain access to education and health care. The somewhat higher prices guarantee that the following principles are respected:

  • fair wages
  • no child labor
  • reasonable working hours per day/week/year for employees
  • safe and healthy working environment (light, ventilation, no handling of toxic products)
  • employees are respected and encouraged at their workplace (gender equality, no discrimination)

See 10 principles of fair trade of WTFO

Link to WTFO’s website